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Enough! Interdiction now!

For a Federative National Salvation Coordination

16/03/2021 12:30


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Horrified, indignant and in great pain, we witness the imminent collapse of our country.

The facts and images are all around. Queues of infected persons in hospitals; sickbeds with patients in halls that once were full of hope and life and that have now become death rows. Exhausted health care workers, at the limit of their strength, devastated by the loss of patients and their colleagues.

The Covid cases and death tolls are increasing relentlessly every single day. Experts point out that Brazil could reach 500,000 Covid 19 deaths later this year.

Our country has a huge population with great genetic diversity and the uncontrolled advance of the pandemic turns us into a breeding ground for mutations and a spreader of new variants of the virus, such as P1 strain, identified in Amazonas state. Some of these strains are more contagious and lethal, affect other age groups more aggressively and may become more resistant to the already available vaccines.

The WHO has warned of the risks related to the lack of control of the pandemic in Brazil and much of the world already sees us as a dangerous center for international dissemination of the virus, which aggravates the risks for all of humanity.

Such a massive catastrophe can only take place in a country without a government. Bolsonaro has never behaved as the President of the Republic in the face of the pandemic and the suffering of the Brazilian people. Quite the contrary. He contributed and contributes daily to the national tragedy we are going through. He fails to perform his duties, does not coordinate anything, prevents or hinders initiatives by governors and mayors, acts against social distancing and makes denialist and absurd claims which disorient the population and isolate the country internationally.

It is not just incompetence, but an attempt to remain in power by means of a hatred and death policy. The longer he stays in power the larger will be the sanitary, economic and moral misery of our people. There will be no solution to avoid the collapse of the country and the genocide of part of the Brazilian population as Bolsonaro continues to serve his term, always betraying his duties.

We therefore call upon the constituted powers, the Supreme Court, the Federal Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, the Public Ministry, State Governors, Mayors, political parties, social organizations and movements and the entire democratic civil society to immediately exercise their constitutional powers and rule the interdiction of Jair Bolsonaro.

Enough! Interdiction now!

We also claim that a Federative Coordination be formed to actually face the battles against the pandemic and to promote National Salvation measures such as the strict social lock-down, vaccines for the whole population, minimum 600 reais monthly economic emergency assistance to the social sectors in need , adequate national program for the future reopening of schools and universities, development of a system to protect jobs, micro, small and medium-sized companies, the strengthening of the public service, so as to avoid the collapse that lies ahead and to restore international relations and global Brazil's respect of Brazil.

Only then will the Brazilian people be able to breathe again with hope and democracy - and future generations will recognize those who performed this patriotic act.

With this Manifesto, Forum 21 also welcomes and supports other similar initiatives which shout 'Enough'! and calls for the convergence of efforts so that, together, we reinforce the mood of growing national clamor in the country.

Brazil, March 6, 2021.

Forum 21

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