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Northeastern Consortium seeks partnerships in Europe

Development pact leads the nine states in the region to negotiate investments and projects in France, Italy and Germany

18/11/2019 15:49



"The governors of the Northeast start this Monday, 18/11, a series of meetings in Europe seeking investments for integrating areas of the region, such as sustainability, infrastructure, tourism, health, public safety, sanitation and clean energy.

The passage through France, Italy and Germany is one of the first international articulations made by the Interstate Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Northeast (Northeast Consortium).

In the three countries, the managers will present the Consortium's operation and a map of the Northeast's opportunities, including the prospect of opening public-private partnerships (PPP). The delegation participates in events with businessmen and has meetings with economic and governmental sectors in Paris, on the 18th and 19th, in Rome, on the 20th, and in Berlin, on the 21st and 22nd.

Meetings are planned with the French group Engie, which operates in power generation, and with the Norwegian company Golar, a liquefied natural gas transport company. There is also the possibility of expanding partnerships with financing entities, such as the French Development Agency (AFD) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (FIDA), which are already investing in sustainability projects, agriculture and poverty alleviation in the Northeast.

In addition to the president of the Northeastern Consortium, Governor Rui Costa (Bahia), the international mission also includes the governors Renan Filho (Alagoas), Camilo Santana (Ceará), João Azevêdo (Paraíba), Paulo Câmara (Pernambuco), Wellington Dias (Piauí) , Fatima Bezerra (Rio Grande do Norte) and Belivaldo Chagas (Sergipe), as well as the deputy governor Carlos Brandão (Maranhão)."

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